Wednesday, December 21, 2011

bitches who i want to smack.

1. Nicki Mianj
2. Any bitch who feels the need to drive 10 miles under the speed limit on a highway
3. that damn jar of hearts girl
4............i think thats all?

Friday, December 16, 2011

"I got 99 problems, but a grinch ain't one"


Could you imagine? The most badass duo ever, The Grinch and Darth Vader.
I think Christmas on Hoth is going to be a wee bit dangerous this year.


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Lady Gaga < Everybody who's not her.....

I'm just going to say it. I can not STAND Lady GaGa. Allow me to explain before I get crucified.

There was a time, 2008-early 2010ish when Lady Gaga was possibly the best artist out there. The Fame Monster was a mind-blowing CD. Bad Romance? awsome. Telephone? AWESOME! Alejendro? yeah allright. but, then we got BORN THIS WAY......which, as quoted by her "will be the album of the decade." ( yeah, that was a load of crap. Here's how I can sum it up; Hookers, Free Expersion, over-the-top romances, and sex. Normally these are fine qualities to have in music, but it was awful. It was all auto-tuned and sounded as though it was produced on garage band. it was crap and I was so disappointed.

I'm also sick of every fucking thing she does being considered more artistic than roman coliseum. "Wow, she's in an egg. What a fashion statement along with a strong political messege."


and she thinks she's the best thing since sliced bread. NO.

and the next person you calls her the "Queen of Pop" will get my Britney Spears speech.

Speaking of which, what kind of ho releases a music video before Britney's BBDAY? trying to steal her thunder huh? you little bitch.

she's annoying.

so yeah.

"you're the the the the the....."

"the the the THE GRINCH!"

Every year I'm still shocked by the fact that Cindy Lou Who grew up to be Taylor Momsen.