Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"...and the worst. Beware of the plastics."

Remember the Cafeteria scene from Mean Girls? you know. Asian Nerds, unfriendly black hotties, girls who eat their feelings. Well as i was talking with Julia this morning I decided that its time we update that list. Here are just a few new "lunch tables" that have emereged within the last few years or so..

  • Scene kidz who aren't scene
  • Pretty girls who drink Red Bull
  • Really happy blonde girls
  • Kids who obnxiously gage their ears
  • non-sad emo kids
  • phyiscally dirty girls
  • Mexican girls all named Maria.
  • attractive smart girls
  • girls who dress like high class prostitutes
  • hygienically challeneged kids
  • girls who think denim on denim is fashionable (this includes you jean jacket girl!)
and that's pretty much it.

p.s- this study hall has become an interment camp

those are just more groups needed to categorize this school of ours.

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