Thursday, October 6, 2011

In 100 years, students will study the lyrical genius of Britney Spears and Amy Winehouse

So today in brit lit we were readign this sonnets or whatever. They were pretty odd and difficult to understand cause people in the 15th century had this thing about just coming out and saying to a girl "i want to fuck you.: so they had to be all complicated and confusing about it, which i guess worked? but it got me to think, what are people going to study from OUR generation? which gave me the conclusion that in 100 years, britney spears and amy winehouse will be in english textbooks across america, or whatever were calling ourselves then. here's just an example of how a clss discussion would go over it..

teacher: allright class, lets settle down and put our iphone 945 away. now did everybody read the poems "3" and "Lucky" last night?

*class looks around confused because time never changes and only 4 out of the 17 kids read it*

teacher: come on kids, this is calssic literature right here. Roover (BTW in the future people are going to have dog names and dogs are going to have people names. dont ask how it just will be that way) what was the poem "3" about?

Roover: IDK, counting?

teacher: no, no not at all, bow-wow?

Bow-wow: This chick wants to get it on with these two dudes?

teacher: very good bow-wow! yes, the song is about this unnamed character wanting to engage in sexual congress with two men. now lets look at the poem Lucky. Sir ruffington, what is this poem about.

Sir ruffington: a girl....and...she's.....lucky?

teacher; no. Mrs. waggy-tail?

Mrs. Waggy-tail: it's about this girl who has it all but still doesnt feel fullfilled in her life whcih leads her to the question, "why do these tears come at night?"

teacher: very good Mrs Waffy-tail! can anyone tell me WHY these tears might come at night? Mr. barkington?

Mr. Barkington: cause there's something, missing in her life.

teacher: CORRECT! good job guys, now the song were going to read in class today is by a poet of the similar time named "Ke$ha" the poem is take it off.

*the teacher reads take it off in that tone teachers use to read"

Teacher: allright, now let's look closely here. specifically the chourus. What are we taking off? and what is a hole in the wall? more importantly, is this song about drag queens? those are your questions for tonight's homework. that and read the poem on page 54 called "rehab" by Amy Winehouse, and why she said no, no, no. AND dont forget your paper on what a sk8er boi is is due NEXT tuesday.

i wish i lived in that time. id so get an A in that class.

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