Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Study Hall Drank-ing game

I hate my study hall. SOOOOO much. everybody just talks and talks and it's really fucking annoying. So to make it more fun, I've thought of this fun little drinking game, of course I don't actually drink, but it's fun to think about how smashed I'd be if i were. okay, so here are the rules....

Take a shot every time...
  • The "teacher" says seprate
  • The "teacher" calls out somebody's name who didn't check it off on the fucking attendance sheet
  • everytime somebody gets a slip to the attendance office
  • every time the "teacher" just stares at the class in hopes they'll stop talking
  • anytime somebody gets moved for talking
  • anytime somebody asks to go to their locker, within the 1st 7 minutes of class
  • anytime you feel like setting yourself on fire
  • you're not drunk
and that's how it goes, if you don't have liver posioning by the end of class, you're doing it wrong.

I'd like to take this blog post to talk about Darth Maul. he has a double sided light-saber . fuck, that's cool.

well study hall is over. YEAH

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