Sunday, October 30, 2011

Taylor Swift has NEVER seen Mean Girls

I just watched her video for "You Belong With Me" and I'd like to give some advice to our dear friend Taylor

(Here's the link (in case you haven't seen it):

  • :33 "If you want a boy to like you, pretend to be bad in math, have him tutor you, then make-out with him"
  • :42 unfriendly black hooties
  • :44 burnouts
  • :46 desperate wannabes
  • 1:19 "you're hair looks sexy pushed back"
  • 1:33 "get in loser were going shopping"
  • 1:39 "evil taylor swift was dangling hot boy in front of me like a piece of meat, i know how this would be settled in the animal world. RAWR, but this was girl world, all the fighting had to be sneaky."
  • 2:06 "sexually active band geeks"
  • 2:24 "If you're going to cheat on your boyfriend, do it every Thursday in the projection room above the auditorium not on the football field"
  • 2:45 "an excuse for not going to Spring Fling should be "I can't mathletes competetion" not "studying" what a prude-ish thing to say"
  • 3:07 "what are you wearing? where is your mathletes jacket with the leather sleeves?"
  • 3:23 "he's almost to gay to function"
  • 3:26 "grool"
  • 3:31 "made out with a hotdog!"
  • 3:37 "I'm so gonna steal one of her free copouns to the Walker Brother's Pancake House!"
There, now write a song called "i'm gonna beat a ho."


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