Saturday, August 6, 2011

Avril-love hate thing

The first thing I'm going to talk about is Avril. Because no matter how hard I try to do. She just gets me. HEr lrics are like a teenage bible, next to Mean Girls of course. Every song of hers belongs on of those terrible shows on The WB. NOT The CW. I mean Complicated is every single teenagers "bad day" song, and it also makes me think Avril is like Psyhic. She PREDICTED facebook with that song, that's why it says "Seth Cohen is now in a reationship with Summer Roberts and it's COMPLICATED. and this song can take a bad day. I mean the worst one EVERY and make it better, and i mean bad, like your parents die, you're forced to live with your mean aunt and uncle, and 11 years later you find out your NOT a wizard, this song can melt away the pain.
and sk8er boi is universal. Like, the President (who ever it maybe at the time, this shits true generation to generation.) could be moments away from nucelar warfare with like, Cuba and he could be all like "hold up president of Cuba, let's totally rock and before we blast each other away." and they rock out and BAM. the worlds a better place.
and Nobdy's Home changed my life. Oh MY God. The only song more depressing than that is Lucky by BSpears. It's just like "GO HOME AVRIL!" and I think the worst is when she all has a nervous breakdown in a gast station bathroom and I'm just getting torn apart inside. and THEN she tries using a payphone and SOMEBODY answers which proves SOMEBODY is home Avril, and then she sleeps in a car, cause that's what homeless teens do. BTW MTV should make a show called "16$homeless" the $ is actuall a & out of irony.
but "Best Damn Thing" Avril is a dirty racoon hooker poser. Then after she released that album I SOOOO forgot about her. So I wikipediaed her. She did the whole get married, be photogrpahed on diffrent beaches, get profane tats, get divorced (yes Christina Aguilera, I'm talking about you.)
but her new album "Goodbye Lullaby" is so moving and spritually lifting, and I'm like "WHAT the hell avril, stop making such relatable and likeable songs! I don't want to like you!" but alas, I do. Damn you, Avril!

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