Tuesday, August 30, 2011

NEVER trust a blind girl.

so let me start off by saying I feel so pitiful and pathetic when I watch this show. like for the first four minutes or so I think "wow, I'm 18 and watching this garbage when we could be doing pre-cal or reading literature." but every Tuesday at 8. BAM. My eyes are glued to the TV and my heart rate increases by the minute from their well thought out and juicy drama. So im just gonna lay this episodes end out for you guys, If you dont watch the series and never will, read. OR if you want to avoid spoilers, stop following my blog.... and if you've never watched the show you'll have to find me and we'll block out like 15-20 minutes so I can explain it to you.

Pretty much the girl Jenna (who they blinded with a firecracker) is sleeping with this cop and we found out that they killed Ali! I mean I've read the books and I know this isn't true because Ali and Jenna were secret BFFS, Like Lidsay Lohan and Lily Allen (true stroy. They have matching tats.) So crazy blind girl has gotten her revenge and A has frammed the girls for the murder of Ali' by giving them a shovel that WAS USED TO KILL ALI to dig up their therapist who's underground. So then the girls are all sitting around this cop table with a shovel and there's dramatic music playing and I'm like "FUCK tell me more!" then the shut off to the end credits to a scene of their therapist in a diner (I want to own a diner, just based on all the stuff I've seen go down in them on TV) and A comes and gives her money or whatever and the Therapist leaves. Then this sassy black waitresss comes and refills her coffee and is all "MMMMM honey yoz got such puh-retty eyes!" which means A isn't Jenna cause that chick is blind as a bat! I mean I know who A is, but the series is so off I wonder who it really is! and I can't sleep cause I'm so excited! annnnnd they're doing a halloween episode, which you know is gonna be good cause everybody knows Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything bad about her.

but yeah, that was me between 8-9 and this is me at 11:34 NOT doing math hmwk, or at least "taking a break."

Fun Fact about Joey: whenever I do pre-cal I have to listen to scream-o music because it's so soothing to my annoyed mind. Some of these bands Include (To find them I went into hot topic and picked five random t-shirts) Bring Me the Horizon, Brokencyde, Woe is me, We Came as Romans, and Falling in Reverse. I have no idea what any of these bands stand for or anybody in them. But they scream and say curse words a lot, which is like me doing pre-cal. and liz if you read this, opinons and thoughts on the bands?

allright. Time to finsh this math.................................functions.

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