Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The 90s are All That.

I want to live in the 90s/ Im sick of living int his fast paced world where everything is done on a computer. I mean whats wrong with paper? I like paper, it's very usefull and for the past 400 years weve been getting along just fine with it. Since getting these incredibly useful laptops I've been thinking more and more about how I wish i could live my life in the same years, but ten years back, for example: I'd be born in 1983 and have my childhood thourgh the 80s (reasons I don't want to live there will be devulged later.) I'd start my angsty middle school years in 1995, just in time to watch "My So Called Life" and "90210" and the premire of Buffy. I'd start high school in 1998 (buffy at it's all time high) and get to experience what movies and TV shows taught me when I as 8. Which are the following

  • Passing notes in class.
  • using Disposable Cameras and getting ACTUAL pictures.
  • recording my TV shows on VHS
  • Britney Spears wasn't a hot mess
  • Buffy was cool
  • I actually had to call people and not text them.
  • Payphones
  • boomboxes
  • walk-men
  • Thhose cases full of CDs so people REALLY knew how hipster you were.
  • The mall would be cool
  • passing notes in class
  • passing notes in class
  • passing notes in class
  • gas being 1.17$ a gallon
  • Video stores would be cool
  • CD Land would be all the rage
  • Passing notes
  • VHS tapes would be cool
  • There was jsut enough internet to make it cool, but not needed.
  • The birth of Harry Potter
  • bad soda commericals
  • The WB
  • Dawson's Creek
  • Alanis Morrisette
  • boy bands
  • Christina and Britney
  • Lil Kim 
  •  the movie Clueless
  • using a payphone or being cool and having a cellphone
  • jsut that feel the 90s had (you know what I'm talking about)
Now i know some people are all like "I wanna live in the 80s" and a majority of these people want to live in the 80s cause they've seene the movie footloose, heard girls just wanna have fun and like neon colors. However some people are actually educated on the 80s and still want to live there, which I respect. I do love the 80s and they produced some great things, but living there would suck after a while. Bad hair, no internet, saved by the bell wouldn't premire till like '89. I would want to vaction to the 80s, make it my Hawiwiwe (I cannot spell that state at all, no joke.) I'd go there during summers and maybe every other Christmas just to see what was going on, but I'd be more happy in the 90s.

Now here's the reason for this post. A few days ago I watched one of my ALL TIME favorite movies called Jawbreaker. It's one of those cult following films that's famous but nobody's heard of it. So I'm not going to go to much into detail of it but it has Rose McGowan (who I love), Julie Benz (gay stripper from Desperate Housewives) and "Tom-Tom" from 13 going on 30. So p retty much there are these four girls called the flawless four, and the have their leader named Liz (sorry Liz) and The kidnap her on her birthday and Gag her with a jawbreaker to make sure she doesn't scream in the back of the car. well pretty much she chokes on the Jawbreaker and the movie just gets twisted and wonderful from there. Everytime I watch it though I think "I wanna live in the 90s!" but maybe when im 34 and looking back on my high school years I'll like the time I'm living in and be thankful for it, but it's hard to apperciate your generation when the most famous singer is Lady GaGa, the most talked about show is glee, and nobody reads. We should've just stopped at 2002.

"You gaged her with a jawbreaker!?!"

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