Thursday, September 1, 2011

You're the slave that I want (pretend when you're reading this Im saying it in my excited planning voice, you should just know what that is)

This morning while I was hanging out in the commons and talking to Liz we somehow stumbled upon the movie Grease. Now anybody who’s see Grease is VERY aware of the last scene when Sandy gets all trashed up and ditches her values all to win a high school boy. So we imagined a different way of how the scene should go, and it goes a little something like this…

So sandy comes out wearing her skin tight leather teddy dominatrix outfit smoking a cigarette. And she’s all “tell me about it, stud.” She takes the cigarette and burns it out on her tongue; she goes over to Danny and licks his face. She then takes a cigarette from another student who is smoking (possibly knicky?) and does her classic *drop cigarette, stomp it out* scene which, I never realized until today, but every moment up until that scene I think in my head “stomp it out, bitch!” so then they start singing, and In my version of the movie there is a wicked mash-up between “You’re the one that I want” mixed with “I’m a slave 4 u.” I mean I can practically hear it now. Then they do that whole have sex in a carnival ride thing, only this carnival ride is like some sort of devil’s haunted castle or whatever so there’s fire and torches just everywhere and  they’re all sweaty but not gross sweaty, and Sandy’s always climbing all over Danny going “I’m a sssssslllllaaaaaaaavvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeee 4 u, you’re the one I want, I cannot control.” Seriously, I hear this mash-up in my head and it sounds more awesome than pancakes for dinner. At some point Sandy will have a big ass snake straddled around her neck and shoulders as she proceeds to dominate Danny. The Sandy takes her big ass bedazzled heels off and uses one of them to cut dannys face and licks the blood off him (twilight?) and the other she uses to rip/cut his shirt off (this just got to graphic for Joey. But I feel that was so well thought out I just can’t delete it.) Finally Danny grabs Sandy by the hair and drags her out of the devil haunted house by her hair and throws her in the front seat of his car and the two drive off in the sunset. Doesn’t that sound romantic? Like something out of a Nicholas Spark’s novel? Either way it’s a classic with a twist. Like Ten Things I Hate About You.


best. move. ever.

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