Sunday, September 4, 2011

lisa "left eye"/Poterr-memories/Harry hangover

so for starters my left eye(lisa "left eye" lopes. TLC. RIP.) has been twitching non-stop since like Wednesday and it's starting to scare me a little bit. Like what if i have some crazy eye problem? what if i have to have suergey? maybe I'll get a cool eye-patch, you know, like the girl from Kill Bill.

So i saw harry potter again today. It was still awesome (well as awesome as the movies can be, but let's be real. The books are whats up) but I'm an emotional wreck as I was the weekend of the premier. The fact that it's all over, no more books or movies. It's all very bitter-sweet. Pretty much for like a week after the preimer i spent all my time patching this giant wound that potter has inflicted on me since i was like seven. It was all patched and was going to take a long time to hear.....but now the wounds been open and I am all sad and depressed and have this urge to go to Hollywood and shout "NO. ITS NOT OVER I REFUSE FOR IT TO BE OVER!" but potter will forever live in my heart along with all the characters, minus Ron. He sucks. but to help me heal im doing two things

1.) watching Grease, cause you cant be sad while watching that movie.

2.) making a list of things wrong with the movie....

You CANT apperate inside of hogwarts. You just cant. end. of. story. Its an ancient enchantment that cant be changed just cause Snape is headmaster. Therefore, making a lot of the movie lies. Mrs. Weasley and Beallatrix's scene was still awesome, but a let-down. For starters they didnt use ALLL the dialouge, just Mrs. Weasley's line. When i read it i imagined it as the bad-ass fight between them and there were spells flying back and forth and "survivior" by Destiny's Child playing, but the movie did it differently and it just disappointed me...and the scene kinda just happened. but the thing that ticked me off the most was.....
YOU. CANT. APPERATE. INSIDE. HOGWARTS. Its impossible. you can't. the end. 

The Potter Memeories of Joey

other than that it was a great movie, but Im so sad its all over and am now an emotional train-wreck. That series was my childhood. Every movie and every book reminds me of a time in my life. I remember when the first few movies came out wating on my DIAL-UP internet connection to load the movie trailers for them all, which in case you dont remember dial-up internet, it takes like twenty minutes to load a 2 and a half minute trailer...dedication.

I bought the first movie on VHS at Kmart the DAY it came out and was so excited. Then i got home and the video was screwed up and wouldnt play and i BEGGED my mother to take me back to Kmart to get a new copy of it. I watched it like for the next week and a half. I bought the second one and watched it so many times i could recite it word for word. The thrid one was the first one i bought on DVD which I thought was cool. I almost wasnt able to see the fourth one in theatres because before i was going to see it i was hanging out in a KOL (its like america online, for kids) chatroom and everybody was ignoring me so i typed "this chat is gay im leaving." pretty much they suspened ALL of our accounts and my parents had to call and talk to the AOL people and i was in so much toruble and crying. Then they were like "you're not going to see harry potter!" and i cried and then like twenty minutes later my mom was like "okay, lets go." keep in mind i was in 6th grade. The fifth one really holds no special memory other than the fact its my favorite and came out in summer 2007, which has been my favorite summer (Amy Winehouse, Harry Potter, 8th grade. come on whats not to like?) The biggest regret of my life is not seeing the sixth one in theatres. I was in DUMB summer gym and never was able to go when i was invited. But im okay with it cause the 6th one was BORING for a movie, but unbeliveably mind-blowing for a book.

When part 1 of the last one came out last Novemeber i was in trouble for getting a spedding ticket and was grounded the weekend it came out. So i went to school monday and everybody was talking about it and i was like "SHUT UP I HAVNT SEEN IT I HATE MY LIFE." So then next weekend i was "un-grounded" and FINALLLLY was able to see it. Of course fate had other plans and gave me a flat tire, but that didnt stop me! i frikkin trudged Avril almost 3 and a half miles on a falt to the theatre. I was NOT going to miss this.

pretty much i love harry potter and am sad to see it go. I'll never accept its gone and will always hope for me, cause lets face it. Harry Potter is cool.

ALSO: if you have not read the books, then you arent a true potter fan. Youre a harry posser. So dont try not to be cause you are. Seriously, they're not that difficult to read, and using the pharse "I hate reading" or "I don't read" is just code for "Im to dumb to actually."

ALSOO: the song "You Don't Own Me" by Lesley Gore is playing on my Ipod and i shall now associate That song with these potter feelings forever.

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