Monday, September 26, 2011

You can tell Jesus, that the bitch is back.

So as you may have guessed from my tittle, Gossip Girl is back tonight. Which I'm excited for, but also very disappointed in myself. I mean I'm 18, why am i still watching this show? it's like Pretty Little Liars all over again! It's still  a good show that has it's hella dramatic moments, like last season when Chuck smashed that window when he was yelling at Blair and that little piece of glass grazed her check and she started to bleed. fuck it was intense. or when they showed us Serena's flashback to boarding school and she was drunk and dancing to Crank That by Soulja Boy. ahhhhhhhh season 4. I miss JHump (jenny) she may have been a gross racoon whore who slept with chuck, but she setill added something to the show that's hard to replace.

WHERE IS KE$HA!?! it's been months and I haven't heard a damn thing from her! I looked on wikipedia and she isn't dead. She finisehd her Get Sleezey tour (I'm so pissed she cancelled her Indy concert...) I miss her and her cleverly dumb lyrics. Like, what is a hole in the wall? and how hardcore do they go? and what excatly is "it" that one is suppose to take off? according to wikipedia she's working on a new album, but this chick needs to release something soon or I'll lose intrest. We're talking a sould 4-5 month window here K$. Don't pulla GaGa and have me wait FOREVER for something new and promise me it'll be "the album of the decade" and then have it suck. Born this way? more like, you're a lying bitch who shouldn't be alllowed to preform every again, ever. Don't fuck it up, k$.

book wise, I finished The Beautiful and Dammned. It was pretty good. basically a lot of shit happpens. Anothony gets drafted to the army and has an affair with this chick named dot and then he kills her and Gloria breaks up with him, he inherts his millions and buys a boat blaw, blaw, know how it goes.

speaking of scandals! Desperate Housewives! HOLY FUCKING SHIT! that was so awesome last night!
*spoilers after this point, but seriously, do you even care*
So all the girls went and buried Alejeadro,Gabby's step-father who raped her, in the woods. It was pretty bad ass. cause before that Gabby was all crying cause Carlos killed him and she was like "my husband will have to go to jail" and Bree was all "that won't happen." and that moment was so fucking bad-ass cause Carlos found out Bree's son Andrew had ran over and killed carlos's mother in season 1 and carlos was all pissed at her and was going to send her to jail. So that moment was like, so awesome. I think about it now and am getting goosebumps! oh it was good! and susan is all emo now. Which I'm fine with, I've wanted that bitch to die since like, season 3. Lynette and Tom are  getting divorced and it's so sad! they were the happiest couple out there! and where the heck are Bob and Lee!?! anyways, at the end of the episode Bree is walking home with her new cop boyfriend and she notices her mailbox is open and there's a letter inside of it. I mean we all knew what was going to happen as soon as we saw the mail box open, but she opened it and it said:

"I know what you did.
It makes me sick.
I'm going to tell."
after that scene I was all like "HOLY FUCK! WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT!" but yeah, that's why i didn't do my pre-cal homework and why i most likely failed the test, whatever. Math is dumb.

okay, i think thats all....

also, It made me really happy to see Liz blogging, it made me feel less lame to know that SOMEBODY else is blogging.

well there's still twenty minutes left in this god-awful study hall.....
I'm so exicted for Christmas this year (Xmas for short.) Like oh my god. Hot Coca, CANDY CANE GRAMS, jingle bell rock, old 40s and 50s xmas songs, BLACK FRIDAY, possibly a ke$ha xmas song? I'm so exicted! I'm going to buy Xmas sweaters and watch The..the..the..the... THE GRINCH! can anybody else Belive Taylor Momsen was Cindy Lou Who!?! It's hard to belive THAT turned it THHAT

plus 12 years


This is what happens when we don't enforce reading enough in public schools!

BACK TO XMAS! I'm so excited for it! mostly cause I LOVE THE MOVIE ELF! and Zooey Deschannel is in it, I know Liz thinks that's her worst role, but I mean come on, Did you SEE Bridge to Terabithia?  AND all the XMAS episodes of FRIENDS and HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER! and Chirismukah on The OC! I wish i had some Xmas music on my Ipod, but I Kissed a Girl by Katy Perry is good enough, right? oh my god i want hot chocolate, or those one cookies. I WANNA DECORATE A CHRISTMAS TREE! I want to celebrate Xmas with k$, Regina George, Darth Vader, and all the Harry Potter characters, minus Ron cause he's a cotton head ninimuggins. CHIRSTMAS.
fuck thanksgiving, that hoilday is dumb. I hate it, personally. I mean we eat and then what? I don't even like turkey that much, and mashed potatoes are nasty. let's skip Thanksgiving and go straight for CHRISTMAS.

oh look the bell's going to ring.

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