Wednesday, September 14, 2011

They were real that day i wore a vest! BECAUSETHATVESTWASDISGUSTING.


Here is litterally an in-depth analysis of my day, you might get an idea of how my mind works, but really, my mind is like this big-ass long myspace chain mail that never fucking ends......

I wake up every morning at 4:46, but dont get out of bed till like 6. It takes a long ass time for me to wake up. Every day i have a diffrent song i wake up to. Some days are more set in stone then others but there is
Sk8er Boi Tuesday, What The Hell Wednesydays, and Complicated fridays. The rest are a dirty free for all.
After i wake up I get fresh and go upstairs. I grab myself some juicy juice and drink it cause juicy juice is fucking delicious. then i drive to school and do school stuff like learn about math, dinosaurs and spanish and shit. I equally hate all my classes the same (excpet theatre arts cause its fun) but the one i hate the most is french. cause freshman are idiots. Like not even kidding, its not that hard to put your name on your paper and not talk when directions are being given. Plus they're all ridick. immature. Like today this one kid was like "dude, wouldnt it be cool if they made an after school club that taught you curse words in other languages!?" if my eyes rolled back any further in my head, id be fucking blind as a bat. but id be okay with that cause bats use echo-location and echo-location is the shit.

 I walk through the halls a lot at school and ive made a list of the top  8 things i think about the most in the halls.

1. Gossip Girl or Pretty Little Liars
2. How sweet It'd be in Buffy came in right now and slayed a bunch of vamps.
3. My classy Fitzgerald novels and what shits gonna go down next.
4. Some dramatic event just transpired and Amy Winehouse songs are playing in my head.
5. how much i miss The OC
6. It's snowing and we get a half day.
7. Does she even go here?
8. This place ISNT Hogwarts

Sometimes, i get bored during class and ask to use the restroom. I dont actually have to use the restroom cause our restrooms are fucking nasty. but i like to roam the hallways and pretend im regina geroge or some other bitch and im about to ruin some lives or cause some  drama.

Then after school i practicipate in my constructive after school programs. After these constructive programs i get into my car (Which has like, four names and i cant think of one to settle on.......) and blair some music. If it's been a rough day i like to listen to "Don't let me get me" by P!NK. cause that song is tragically beautiful. Or if im ticked ill blast my scream-o mix. other than that it's a wide choice of what i might listen to. Avril, Amy, Black Soul pandora? WHO KNOWS! im in control!

i go home and take a nap cause im sleepy. then i do all my hmwk, minus pre-cal cause i just dont get that shit at all. Like seriously, math is dumb, and i dont care how uneducated and dumb that sounds it is.

then i sleep....or blog.

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