Monday, September 5, 2011

If Harrison High School were US Weekly I'd always be on the cover


1. I love Harry Potter.
2. Rocky Horror is my favorite movie.
3. Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse tie for favorite artist of mine.
4. I still like Britney Spears and dont care what crap you have to say about her.
5. I love Fitzgerald novels.
6. I love October and Decemember. Novemeber sucks.
7. I actually have grown to love my middle name Frank (Frank-N-Furter, Amy Winehouse album "Frank," Frank Sinatra.)
8. I wish I were a teenager in the 90s.
9. I cry during Christmas movies.
10. I hate math.
11. I collect/love VHS tapes.
12. I know every word to Mean Girls
13. I have my secrets
14. I wish i could go back to middle school for like a week.
15. When i say i like Adele i mean i like more than "Rolling in the Deep" or "Set Fire to the Rain."
16. I have started to fall in love with 60s pop music.
17. I hate Lady Gaga as a singer/artist/performer, but i think shes a wonderful human being.
18. Glee sucks. A lot. its the lowest form of pop culture
19. I have every NSYNC album in my car.
20. I like Rebecca Black and am sick of all the hate....Where is YOUR song?
21. Chinese by Lily Allen is the cutest song in the world.
22. I hate Facebook.
23. Mrs. Weasley is a beast.
24. I love power rangers.
25. I just dont get Pokemon......

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