Friday, August 26, 2011

Beawulf:He's not actually a wolf......

SO for english were reading this story Beawulf that was written by a bunch of middle english monks, who are dead. I just finshed reading something from it and am now bored and procrastinating doing my homework over it. So I thought I'd lay this Beowulf story down for you guys.....

SO there's this city, the city of Herot. It's kind the like the Las Vegas of middle english. It's what's happening. It's run by this king guy Hrothgar (sp? idc Im not looking it up again) and his wife Welthow(that just sounds nasty). So one day they're all sitting around the table (the whole kingdom that is) and all of a sudden this big ol' dragon named Grendel (yes, in case you're wondering Grindelwald from Harry Potter DID partly orginate from this name) just comes flying thorugh the door and starts eating and killing people left and right! But he wont eat the king cause he's like BFFs with Jesus or something. So then Hrothgar's all "Hey I know this dude named Beowulf who can save us from this evil dragon!" so then Beowulf comes from some other land by boat (this happens in one night too BTW.) and is all "I'm here to save you from the evil beast eating your people! but first I'm going to say a list of all the heroic and notable things I've done in attempt to get some action from these Damsel in distress!" so then after he's done feeding his ego he fights Grendel. I'm assuming it was a badass battle between good and evil, but these monks did and AWFUL job descrbing it. so then Hrothgar is all "YEAH Beowulf! snaps for you!" now can you go to the depths of hell and kill his mother? cause she's gonna be madddddddddddddddddd....." Now i have yet to read that part, but I'm assuming this mother is gonna be scorned and bitter. Like it's gonna get all Molly Weasley up in this literature.......

*does english homework*

So I finshed that nonsense and can go back to talking about whatever I want to cause it's study hall and it's boring. I was thinking about One Tree Hill Last hour and how great and angst-ey it was when it all started back in good ol' 2003. That show is the last remaning part of The CW. Of course a part of me will ALWAYS  hate OTH because they're the reason The OC got cancelled, and I loved The OC. So one of my all time favorite parts from the show is when Brooke (the ho) finds out Peyton (this butch Tomboy who's mom is dead) is messing around with her ex-man Lucas (this poor kid whose dad is Nathan's dad know what it's to confusing). So brooke all finds out and hunts down Peyton in the hallway and their dialouge goes something like this...

Broke:(holding a to-go box) hey peyton.
Peyton: Hey Brooke, what's that?
Brooke: Oh it's a to-go box. You know, since your screwing my leftovers!

that was just so great. So simply beautiful.

I still have ten minutes left in here and am sooooo bored!
Oh a  Rocky Horror song just came on my Ipod. Which reminds me
They Ruined Rocky Horror, whoever says they did a good job, is a liar and NOT your friend. For starters they didn't even sing I Can Make You a Man, which is kind of like the most important song in the whole moive! and they Changed the song "Hot Patootie-Bless my Soul" to "Whatever Happened to Saturday Night?" THATS NOT THE SONG TITLE GLEE! STOP MESSING WITH THINGS THAT ARE CLASSIC! of course the only plus side to the epsiode was John Stamos sang that song, and who doesnt love John Stamos. okay well the bell is gonna ring.


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