Monday, August 8, 2011

Power Rangers are BadAsss

So the past few days, no make that years. There is one thing I have always found true. Power Ragers are fucking badass. I'm not talking about those wimpy motherfucking spin-offs. No I mean the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. They are fucking beast. There's a fucking monster thats terrorizing the citizens of Angel Grove who do you call? THE FUCKING POWER RANGERS THAT'S WHO! I don't care it's a kids show it's a fucking badass kids show. Kids shows these days are ruled by sluts and wannabes. Power Rangers is what's up bitches. If I had to pick a most badass moment I'd say it's impossible because the whole series is BadAsss, like you hear that theme song and you just want to go chop down a tree with your bare hands! But the most memorable/dramatic moment is when Kimberley (the pink power ranger) gies up to Tommy (who's currently and evil green ranger) and she's all "I know Tommy......I know youre the green ranger." and then there's just this like three seconds of pure terror and drama and then Tommy speaks and is all "then you will know that you shall soon be destroyed pink ranger." WOAH. you could not see that shit coming. The MOVIE is pretty much the most if not most badass 90 minutes you will ever see. If you havnt seen it (have you, Liz?) then go fuck yourself. It's to damn late for you to see it. But anyways the movie is fucking badass. There is not a moment there when your hearts not pinfold. Youre just sitting there then BAM fucking dinosaurs coming alive and your all. WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING!!! Oh my god this is fucking awesome shit. A
D then after they battle the fucking dinosaurs they battle these fuxking beast roxkmen dudes and whip they stoneage asses. Then they get fuxking new powers and shot. Go back to angel groove and save the day from Ivan Fuxking Oze! Then one the most magical movie moments ever happens they fucking join hands around Zordon who's dying an all of a sudden they start having magical sparks and light come out of them and BAM the command fuxking center is back online and it's all getting repaired and shit and then Zordon gives this gasp and he's BACK TO LIFE! THANKS TO THE PIWER OF FUCKING TEAMWORK!
So anyways the point of this post is for my to recast the power rangers. So here ya go.

Pink ranger- Avril
Red Ranger- IDGAF
White ranger-green ranger- IDGAF
blue ranger-Mac Guy
Black Ranger-IDGAF
Yellow ranger- Melisia Marie Green (when she's ASAIN) and Nicki Minaj (when she's black)
Rita Repulsa- Taylor fucking Momsen
Cordon- Alan Fuxking Rickman AKA professor snape

So BAM power rangers. Fuxking baddasss.

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